Cemetery Commission

Information Regarding Hatfield Town Cemeteries:

The Maps we were able to make up are as close to true as we can accomplish at this time. These burial sites were an imperfect layout handled by many different Townspeople on a voluntary basis since the beginning of Hatfield.

So, in the early 2000 decade, we tried to create Maps that are a close facsimile of what IS a best guess. When purchasing a Plot, please look at the maps to see what is available or contact a Member of the Cemetery Commission.

In the early years, many could not afford a "Stone" and wood was used.... long since deteriorated. So, we are left with guesses as to "exactly" where each person was buried. Therefore, these maps are "close" to accurate. Even these took 3 years to make up on a voluntary basis.

So, from to time, there will be a need to "adjust" sites a little left, right, forward or back to accommodate any commitments made by current knowledge. We do apologize for this yet, have no other choice.

We are doing the best with what we have.

When you see "open" areas, they might be part of an old "Family Plot' from yesteryear and just never had a headstone placed so, care and caution need to be the "call of the moment" when one buys plots.

We will do our best to assist anyone and avoid any negative results. We do know that there are some very open areas in the front of Main Street and the rear of Bradstreet Cemeteries.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Wilma F. Davis Administrative Staff (413) 247-9200 Ext. 104

Commission Members

Name Title
Joe Lavallee Chair
Jonathan Bardwell Member
Robert Flaherty, Jr. Member