Town Moderator

Town ModeratorThe Town Moderator is an elected office with a term of 3 years.

In early years each "official" Town gathering required electing an individual to be the Moderator, as the first Article of the Meeting. In 1932, this was changed and the position of moderator became an elected post for the year. This change allowed town meetings to run more smoothly.

Town records do not show who held the position prior to 1942, but on 2/16/1942 Gordon Woodward was elected and held the position for 27 years until 2/18/1969.

Eugene Proux was next elected and served 8 years from 1969 until 1977.

In 1978, Gordon (Gordy) Woodward Jr. was elected and served until 2001,a total of 23 years.

Joe Lavallee (pictured) has served the Town as Moderator since being elected in 2002.

The Moderator presides over Annual Town Meeting and appoints the members of the Finance Committee in a revolving order. The Moderator also appoints the "at large" Community Preservation Member.

Hatfield follows what is called "Town Rules" which is the oldest and longest running form of Governing "rules of order" in the Commonwealth. This form continues to serve our Town members well. Hatfield neither uses nor follows "Roberts Rules of Order".

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Joe Lavallee Town Moderator 413-531-5241