Select Board

Select Board Duties

The Select Board is composed of three members who are elected for three-year terms. The Select Board are the chief elected officials for the Town, and they are responsible for developing public policy, for the administration of town services generally, and for all legislative action of local government outside of Town Meetings.

The Select Board issues the warrants for Town Meetings and make recommendations on the warrant articles; initiate legislative policy by inserting articles in Town Meeting Warrants and then implement the votes subsequently adopted. They adopt town policies; review and set fiscal guidelines for the annual operating budget and capital improvements program and make recommendations to Town Meeting on the same. The Select Board make appointments of members of most official boards and commissions; hold public hearings on important town issues and represent the town and guard its best interests in matters involving other agencies and groups.

The Select Board also serve as the licensing board responsible for issuing and renewing all alcoholic beverage and Class I, II and III licenses, entertainment, amusement device, auctioneer licenses and all special permits. The Board is authorized to apply for and accept State and Federal grant monies. The Select Board hire a Town Administrator, responsible for the daily management of the Town, who reports directly to the Board.

Liaisons to Departments

To Be Announced.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marlene Michonski Town Administrator (413) 247-9200 Ext. 100

Board Members

Name Title
Diana M. Szynal Select Board, Chair
Edmund Jaworski Select Board Member
Brian F. Moriarty Select Board Member