Community Preservation Committee

Community Preservation CommitteeThe Deadline Date for CPA Applications is November 1st: Prospective applicants for CPA funding, please be advised that in order to more efficiently meet the schedule set by the Select Board for submitting articles for Annual Town Meeting, the Community Preservation Committee has set November 1 as the deadline for all applications for funding for consideration at the next Annual Town Meeting. 

February, 2020: NEWS!! Hatfield received $137,757 from the Commonwealth's Community Preservation Trust Fund, an 86% state match of local CPA receipts. There were only 10 communities with larger percentage matches than Hatfield and the majority of communities received only a 24% match.

The Community Preservation Committee was established by State statute after Hatfield adopted the Community Preservation Act in 2006. The committee manages the application process for projects and activities eligible for CPA funding. Proposed projects may be submitted for consideration in the areas of Historic Preservation, Open Space Preservation, Community Housing and/or Recreation.

The committee reviews all applications for CPA funding and recommends projects for consideration by Town Meeting. All allocations of CPA funds for projects must be approved by Town Meeting. Applications for CPA funding may be submitted to the committee for consideration at anytime throughout the year. However, all applications for projects to be considered at May Annual Town Meeting must be submitted by November 1st of the prior year.

Since 2008, the town has collected $2.9 million in funds for CPA projects with $1.3 million coming from the Commonwealth's Community Preservation Trust Fund -- an 86% state match of all funds raised locally. To date, 36 projects have been approved for CPA funding by town voters, allocating $2,091,741 for the preservation of historic buildings and features in town, protecting valuable farmland and forest land in our drinking water supply area, and providing recreational opportunities from hiking trails to basketball courts.

Committee Members

Name Title
Robert C. Wagner Chair, Planning Board Member
Amy Hahn Historical Commission Member
Russell Powell Agricultural Advisory Commission Member
Michael Bartlett Secretary, At-Large Member
Steve Touloumtzis Open Space Commission Member
Thomas Gingras Recreation Commission Member
Michael McGrath Housing Authority Member
John Wilkes Treasurer, At-Large Member
Harrison Bardwell Conservation Commission