Town Administrator


The Town Administrator is hired by the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for handling the day-to-day administrative affairs of the Town. The Administrator is required to implement the policies set forth by the Board. In cooperation with the Board, the Administrator develops the Selectmen’s meeting agendas and schedules all appearances, appointments and hearings, working in conjunction with state and local officials, agencies and town residents. The Administrator strives to establish coordination and cooperation between town boards, committees, and departments to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The Town Administrator is often the first point of contact for residents with the Board of Selectmen, and serves as the friendly face of government on the local level.

The Town Administrator, in coordination with the Finance and Capital Planning Committees and the Town Clerk, prepares key procedures and articles for Annual and Special Town Meetings. The Administrator's Office plays a major role in the preparation of the annual budget and capital improvement planning programs by centralizing the efforts of teams and facilitating communication. Additionally, the Town Administrator serves as the chief procurement officer for the Town, responsible for the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment and services. The Administrator prepares requests for proposals, bid requests and all legal advertisements for goods and services and interacts with vendors, contractors and service providers on behalf of the town.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Marlene Michonski Town Administrator (413) 247-9200 Ext. 100
Ki J. Eno Executive Assistant (413) 247-9200 Ext. 105
Wilma F. Davis Administrative Staff (413) 247-9200 Ext. 104