Raffle/Bazaar Permits

An Application for Permit to Conduct Raffles and Bazaars must be filed with the Town Clerk "in which the raffle is being DRAWN or the bazaar is being HELD", according to MGL Chapter 271, Section 7a

Who is able to apply for a Raffle/Bazaar Permit?
- Veterans' organization chartered by the Congress of the United States or included in Chapter 40, Section 5, Clause 12 of the Mass. General Laws
- Church or religious organization
- Fraternal organization or fraternal benefit society
- Educational or charitable organization
- Civic or service club or organization
- Organization or clubs organized and operated exclusively for pleasure, recreation and other nonprofit purposes

Organizations MUST have been organized and active for ATLEAST 2 years prior to applying for a permit. The Town Clerk has a right to request proof of validity, such as Meeting Minutes from 2 years ago. 

How much does a Raffle/Bazaar Permit cost?
The fee for a Raffle/Bazaar permit is $10.00 and it is valid for 1 year from the date it is issued by the Town Clerk. 

How many raffles and bazaars can be held per year under a permit?
An organization is limited to 3 bazaars in a calendar year. There is no limit as to how many raffles can be held during the year in which the permit is valid. 

What information is needed to complete a permit application?
- Name and Address of the Applicant
- Type of organization the Applicant believes they qualify under to apply
- Names of 3 officers/members of the organization that will be in charge of conducting raffles/bazaars
- Explanation of how proceeds will be used

Does an organization have to pay taxes on the money they make from a Raffle/Bazaar?
Yes, in addition to the Raffle/Bazaar Permit Application, a Notice of Issuance of Raffle and Bazaar License must be completed. The Town Clerk's office will mail a copy of this form to the State Lottery Commission. Once they receive the form, the State Lottery Commission will mail necessary tax forms directly to the organization. Within 10 days of each raffle, the organization must file a tax return and 5% of gross proceeds to the State Lottery Commission. 

Once a Raffle/Bazaar permit EXPIRES, can the organization apply for a renewal? 
Upon the expiration date of a permit, the organization has 30 days to complete and return the Annual Report to the Town Clerk's office that issued the Raffle Permit. This must be done before a renewal may be issued. If the Town Clerk's office does NOT receive the Annual Report, they have the authority to refuse issuing a new permit to the organization. 
The following information will need to be provided on the Annual Report:
- Number of Raffles and Bazaars that were held 
- Total Amount of Money Received
- Total Expenses of Raffles/Bazaars
- Net proceeds
- Names of winners of prizes exceeding $250.00 in value
- Uses to which the money raised was applied


For more information on hosting a raffle, obtaining a permit, activities to perform after a raffle, and raffle permit FAQ's, visit the State's website by clicking here